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RFID Blocking Card

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RFID Blocking Card

Physical Parameter :
Size  :85.5*54mm
Material : PVC + blocking module, etc
Application : Protect credit card, bank card, etc

Overview :

RFID Blocking Cards help Secure you from Identity Theft , Data Skimming and Electric Pickpockets,
While using your existing credit card Holder , Wallet , Case or Sleeve.

Secure your Identity , Credit cards , Debit cards , Driver’s Licenses and other RFID Cards.

Spectification :

RFID Blocking Card

Material : PVC

Blocking Frequency : 13.56 Mhz

Size : CR80-85.5 mm*54mm

Thickness : 0.84-1.2mm or as your demand

Surface : Glossy/Matted/Frosted

Printing : Offset Printing, Digital printing

Packing : Blister Package or  customized package

Lamination : Heat lamination

Applications : Protect personal information of Credit card, Passport , ID Card, etc
Scope of protection : Long blocking range3M

RFID-Function- blocking-card-4

How it Works

Sandwich your cards betwee the 2 RFID blocking cards.

The RFID Blocking Cards are specially designed to Block unwanted RFID scanners from reading your cards.


– Specially designed to Block unwanted RFID scanners

– Conveniently Works In Any Wallet, It Fits!

– 2 thin RFID Bloacking cards are the same size as your credit cards

– Access your cards the same way you always have

– Durable, Sturdy , Won’t Fall Apart

– Weather , Water , Puncture and Tear resistant



– Protect your Identity with Focused Card Protect RFID Blocking Wallet Card Which Blocks RFID Card(S) while in your existing credit card holder , qallets, case , protector or sleeve.

– Any credit cards withing its 10mm e-field are made invisible to a reader

– Fits in any wallet or money clip

– No Batteries request

– Simply carry this card in your wallet and money clip and all cards within range of its e-field will be protected.